Phoenix logo was created in 2007 along with the company and it is the main element that characterises the company identity.

The registered PH mark followed right after, with its recalling of the logo and its application to Phoenix products which guarantees the brand awareness.

Our logo from 2007  to 2023

Within a few years Phoenix has rapidly grown until becoming one of the leader manufacturers of IV flow regulators in the world. After 15 years of business activity, today Phoenix has reached high levels of efficiency, quality and care for their customers.

Precisely for the sake of celebration of this successful story and to emphasize the goal we reached, Phoenix has decided to renew its logo. 


Our logo 2023

The new logo brings continuity to the previous one and it represents a lighter and modern version of it.

Besides transmitting the same values of reliability and expertise, the new logo also represents the gained experience of these years and the agility of a company always focused on its customers’ needs.

The decision of including the PH mark within the logo has represented the key to reinforce Phoenix image by leading to an immediate brand awareness.