Dosy 2007 with free flow protection

Intended use
Regulation of fluid delivery in IV administrations, for gravity use only.

Main features
An innovative device with a special protection to avoid the risk of free flow.

safety-regulator-Dosy 2007-with-free-flow-protection

High-heat resistant ABS
Max sterilization temperature 60°C
Shelf life: 5 years


Gasket made in clear type silicone LSR
Silicone is the best material for the gasket,
because it combines exceptional mechanical
characteristics, a perfect biocompatibility and the
absence of interaction with drugs.


Patented microchannel 
The distribution channel is designed with a
specific shape that makes delivery much
more accurate, especially at low rates.

Low standard deviation, high precision
The accuracy of the processing and the
solutions adopted guarantee a high uniformity of

Easy and smooth regulation
The silicone gasket is characterized by a low
coefficient of friction which allows a smooth
rotation of the piece.