Dosy 2007 Code 8005

Intended use
Regulation of fluid delivery in IV administrations, for gravity use only.

Main features
This device ensures stable administration over time. It allows extreme ease and precision in setting the flows.


High-heat resistant ABS
Max sterilization temperature 60°C
Shelf life: 5 years


Gasket made in clear type silicone LSR
Silicone is the best material for the gasket,
because it combines exceptional mechanical
characteristics, a perfect biocompatibility and the
absence of interaction with drugs.


Patented microchannel 
The distribution channel is designed with a
specific shape that makes delivery much
more accurate, especially at low rates.

Low standard deviation, high precision
The accuracy of the processing and the
solutions adopted guarantee a high uniformity of

Easy and smooth regulation
The silicone gasket is characterized by a low
coefficient of friction which allows a smooth
rotation of the piece.