our history

Our background starts with Plasti Medical, a company founded in 1973 in Villamarzana, Italy.

The company was committed to the production of medical devices for IV infusions with cutting-edge quality and automation.

It was the first Italian company to produce IV flow regulators in the 1990’s.

Mr. Luciano Casarotto, one of the founders, was head of the department for Research and Development of devices and automation.


our original logo from 2007  to 2023

After selling Plasti Medical in 2004, Mr. Casarotto founded Phoenix R&D in 2007.

The company is entirely located in Rovigo – Italy and it is focused on design, development and manufacturing of IV flow regulators as well as assembly machines for their production.

Its team is made up of experts in the fields of medical devices and automation.

Since its creation Phoenix has been growing and it has rapidly become a leader company in the production of flow regulators thanks to its expertise and continuous research of its team. Our sales cover the majority of countries and our products are well known all over the world.


Flow-regulator-Dosy 2007-code-8005


DOSY 2007

Dosy 2007 is the first flow regulator designed in Phoenix R&D with advanced solutions.

Flow-regulator-Dosy 2010-code-8021


DOSY 2010

Dosy 2010 is a flow regulator based on the principle of turbulent flow of the fluid and with unique performance.

Enteral-feed-regulator-Dosy 2015-code-8009


DOSY 2015

First in the world

Dosy 2015 is the world first flow regulator for enteral administration.

The special design of the regulation channel is patented.

safety-regulator-Dosy 2007-code-8011



First in the world

An evolution of Dosy 2007 with a new safety function: a mobile element with safe position to prevent free flow.



Mr. Luciano Casarotto:

CEO, previous founder of Plasti Medical SpA, he has a long and in-depth knowledge in the development of devices and in the automation field. He is head of technical department and he has designed and built all the assembly machines of the company.

Mr. Fiorenzo Casarotto:

Sales Manager and member of the management team, previous founder of Plasti Medical SpA, where he was head of the Technical Team.


Mr. Michele Maggiolo:

Head of production department, with many years of experience in the technical department and machines building.


DEng. Leobaldo Casarotto:

Quality Assurance manager with expertise in the area, he gained a long experience in laboratory activities. He is also head of the R&D department where he develops and coordinates new projects.

Mrs. Valentina Spoladore:

Sales specialist in territories including the Far East. She works together with the sales team to manage customer orders and aftersales activities.


Mrs. Giulia Serena Marchetti:

Sales specialist in territories including Northern Europe and North America. She works together with the sales team to manage customer orders and aftersales activities.

machines – production

All our assembly machines are designed, developed and built in our workshop.

Advanced in-line inspection systems guarantees the high quality of the product, along with other strengths such as reliability and precision.

The advantage of designing both Flow regulators and automated processes is highly efficient, guaranteeing a fast and stable production.


Phoenix R&D designs, develops and produces IV flow regulators that are known for their high quality and accuracy.

The IV flow regulators comply with:

– ISO 8536-13:2016 Infusion equipment for medical use. Part 13: Graduated flow regulators for single use with fluid contact.

– ISO 8536-4:2019 Infusion equipment for medical use. Part 4: Infusion sets for single use, gravity feed.

Phoenix R&D is certified by TUV and complies to the standard ISO 13485:2021 – Design and development, manufacture of semi-finished plastic products used in non-active non implantable medical devices for infusion purposes.



We at Phoenix are aware that the future of our world also depends on environment’s preservation, that is why we are fully committed to its defence.

The owners of Phoenix R&D have been sensitive to the recycling of materials since their business activity in 1980s, even before it was a widespread practice.

They have brought this way of thinking in Phoenix, maximizing the exploitation of the resources with minimum waste of materials.

Phoenix invested in electrical injection machines and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, and all our team have become more and more sensitised in waste sorting.

In addition to these significant actions, Phoenix has decided to take another step forward towards the energy efficiency and, after a thoughtful research, we have recently completed the installation of photovoltaic panels therefore committing ourselves to renewable energy.

This investment is an additional sign of our awareness towards sustainability, as we recognize the importance of being more and more sensitive for the sake of a better future.

social responsibility

We at Phoenix also consider our ethics and social impact to be relevant and we are fully committed to the respect and value of every employee.

We find it essential for our workers to be able to develop their potential to the full and to receive an equal treatment.

We are convinced that a fair environment is a core part of social responsibility.



Our vision is to make it possible for patients to be treated with precise and innovative instruments that can be accessible in all kinds of markets.

In order to reach this goal, Phoenix works with solid and high-tech companies, sharing knowledge and continuous research to anticipate the market needs.

By collaborating with first-class suppliers and thanks to a solid team, know-how and expertise we ensure a high quality and a constant improvement.

We offer our customers a continuous assistance as we firmly believe that building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability is the key to a successful result.