Dosy 2010 Code 8021

Intended use
Regulation of fluid delivery in I.V. administrations, for gravity use only.

Main features
An I.V. flow regulator with a higher performance.

Flow-regulator-Dosy 2010-code-8021

Housing and dial made of high-heat resistant material
Max sterilization temperature 60°C
Shelf life: 5 years

Turbulent flow
Dosy 2010 is a different flow regulator.
It is not based on thin channel but on an orifice with variable opening.
This induces a turbulent flow, which is more stable against external interferences than the laminar flow of the conventional IV Flow Regulators

Low standard deviation, high precision
The accuracy of the processing and the
solutions adopted guarantee a high uniformity of


Reduced influence of external factors, such as:
-solution viscosity
-hydraulic head/ pressure